Lawsuit Filed Over Deep Fake Biden Robocall

Lawsuit Filed Over Deep Fake Biden Robocall

( – New Hampshire voters are taking legal action against the creators of a “deep fake” robocall that mimicked the voice of President Joe Biden in encouraging them not to vote during the state’s January primaries.

The League of Women Voters, a political network that claims to be nonpartisan despite supporting a slew of far-left measures and candidates, filed the lawsuit in a federal district court on March 13. They said their suit represents three voters who received the deep fake calls. It calls the move “voter suppression” and said it seeks injunctions and damages from an individual named Steve Kramer, and two phone and telecom companies that he worked with.

Kramer admitted to setting up the robocalls on February 25. Authorities began investigating the incident almost immediately after. The FCC also issued a subpoena. Kramer claimed that he’s not afraid to testify, stating “I know why I did everything” during an interview. He also said he “knows” more than the House oversight committee and would welcome a televised opportunity to testify before them.

He claimed the move was a publicity stunt to draw awareness to the dangers of deep fake technologies, especially during the era of AI. Deep fake can be used to mimic the voice and image of virtually anyone with surprising precision.

The FCC has since moved to ban robocalls created by AI that are unsolicited. It will allow attorney generals in states to pursue legal recourse against those who violate the measure. However, it can do little to prevent deep fake robocalls that stem from foreign sources. Jessica Rosenworcel, the FCC’s chairwoman, has said that deep fake voiceovers and videos have already been used in high-profile scam cases.

According to POLITICO, the Democratic National Convention claimed New Hampshire’s Democratic primaries were “meaningless” in early January, shortly before they were set to kick off. They had attempted to circumvent the state’s primaries previously and said no delegates would be awarded based on its results. The state’s Democratic party decided to proceed anyway.

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