Ohio College Students Take Action To Keep Others Informed About Crime

Ohio College Students Take Action To Keep Others Safe

(RepublicanView.org) – University of Cincinnati students are taking responsibility for their own safety amid concerns about violence on and near the campus.

A group of students worked together to launch the Cincy Crime Stoppers page on Instagram to help share alerts and warn students about incidents that occur in the area. They are asking their fellow pupils, particularly those who don’t live on campus, to submit tips if they are victimized by criminals. All tips are anonymous.

According to a Fox News report, Hailey Smith, a criminal justice major who works as the group’s representative, expressed that there was a need for improved transparency and communication about on-campus safety, and said she hopes the group will help fill that void. She also noticed that most of the group’s members have themselves been victims of crimes in the area and want a more efficient way to spread alerts. It will also allow students to share details of crimes to compensate for what they call the university’s “vague” alerts. They also hope the page will serve as a tool for police.

One report came in August 2023. The school announced that a student had been burglarized on a nearby street. It then asked students with information to contact police despite a noticeable lack of pertinent details.

The reveal of the group’s formation follows violent crimes that have victimized several students. Benjamin Addison, a 21-year-old UC student, was killed on March 30 when he checked on his car and discovered two people attempting to steal it. A 17-year–old boy has since been arrested. His father, Joe Addison, said Benjamin was shot without warning.

The school was also the site of a hate crime against an Asian-American student in 2021. At the time, 27-year-old Darrin Johnson assaulted the student and threatened to take his life over the 2020 health emergency.

The group was not officially sanctioned by the university. School officials have yet to announce a stand on the group’s formation. Instagram pages allow members to quickly post pictures with geo information and share details as a caption.

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