Norman Lear Passes Away

Norman Lear Passes Away

( – Iconic television writer and producer Norman Lear died at age 101 on December 5.

Lear was born in Connecticut in 1922. He served in the military during World War II before entering show business. He died in his Los Angeles home. His death was confirmed by his family’s spokesperson, Laura Bergthold.

Lear wrote scripts and produced some of the most beloved sitcoms in history. His resumé includes “All in the Family,” its spinoff “The Jeffersons,” and “Good Times”, among others. Lear won several awards for “All in the Family.” His success is often attributed to the unique combination of conservative and liberal characters. Everyone, they said, could have a favorite character, regardless of their position. Many fans and experts across party lines still consider much of the show’s commentary relevant in modern politics.

Lear also claimed that the show’s two protagonists, Archie and Edith Bunker, were based on his own parents.

Lear was also known for infusing social and political commentaries into his sitcoms. Characters often tackled real issues on screen, usually in humorous but prominent dialogues. His career boasts six Emmy awards and 19 nominations. He is also an inductee in the Television Academy Hall of Fame and held two Peabody awards.

In his later years, Lear hosted the “All of the Above with Norman Lear” podcast and worked with ABC’s “Live From a Studio Audience” episodes. The show was dedicated to the memory of classic television sitcoms.

Several celebrities, including Jimmy Kimmel and Al Jean mourned his death while praising his legacy.

Officials said Lear died from natural causes but did not elaborate. He leaves behind his third wife and six children. He also had four grandchildren.

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