Daughter Learns Her Father’s Dark Secret Before He Dies

Daughter Learns Her Father's Dark Secret Before He Dies

(RepublicanView.org) – A dying man in Massachusetts, Thomas Randele, told his daughter that he had been living under a false name for decades and that his real name was Theodore Conrad. When she researched the name, she found that her father had been on the run from the police for over 50 years, having robbed a bank in the 1960s.

Conrad worked for the Society National Bank in Cleveland, Ohio, until he walked out at the end of a work day with more than $215,000 in a grocery bag and was never seen again. His Ohio family believed he had stolen the money for the mob, who subsequently murdered him, but in fact, he took the cash and headed for Washington, DC, before settling under a new name in Massachusetts.

Randele, who told friends he made his money through a legal settlement, found work in car sales, obtained a new driving license, and got married. Although he appeared on the FBI’s most wanted list and television’s Unsolved Mysteries, he managed to avoid detection.

According to Cleveland, Deputy US Marshal Pete Elliott said, “He covered his trail really well. It’s really unbelievable that he lived the way he did for so many years.”

Randele died in May 2021, two months after his confession, and his family decided they would grieve and then tell the police about his true identity. However, US Marshals unexpectedly arrived at his daughter’s house that November, assuring her she would not face charges. Police told her that a copy of her father’s obituary was posted to a crime reporter by an unnamed source who suggested the deceased was, in fact, the elusive Ohio bank robber.

Investigators located a bankruptcy filing by Randele in 2014 and found that the handwriting matched a sample they had on file from a college application filled out by Theodore Conrad in 1967. According to CNN, Marshal Elliot said the case was “an elegantly simple but infinitely complex mystery.”

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