Nikki Haley Slams Trump Over Victory Speech

Nikki Haley Slams Trump Over Victory Speech

( – GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley slammed former President Donald Trump over his victory speech after he won the Republican primary in New Hampshire.

Haley claimed Trump’s speech was nothing more than a “temper tantrum.” Trump spent over a minute of his nearly two-minute speech criticizing Haley’s actions during the campaign. He accused her of lying about polling results in Iowa. He also said that she lied about being the most “winnable” Republican in national polls against Joe Biden.

Haley scored second place in New Hampshire’s primary, about 11 points behind Trump. Trump is projected to gain 12 delegates in the state. Haley should get at least 9.

Haley said she and her campaign team were originally pleased with the gains they made ahead of the primaries. She pulled ahead of Ron DeSantis with little time to spare, scoring a 25-point increase. However, according to Haley, Trump’s speech ruined the spirits of her team as they were celebrating the gains.

She has been facing growing pressure to drop out of the race despite gaining in national polls. However, she continues to trail behind Trump in her home state. South Carolina is scheduled to host the next round of primaries. However, she also believes that her campaign’s ongoing attacks will be enough to provoke Trump to go too far in his retaliation, thus lowering his chances of securing the nomination. She successfully used a similar strategy when running for governor in 2010.

Trump slammed Chris Sununu, New Hampshire’s Republican governor, for traveling with Haley across the state during the campaign. However, he also thanked Republican Senator Tim Scott for endorsing him despite the two previously competing against each other. Scott was appointed by Haley while she was serving as governor of South Carolina.

Biden also won New Hampshire’s Democratic primary despite his refusal to campaign in the state. His victory was largely driven by write-in votes. However, the state had no Democratic delegates to offer.

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