John Cornyn Announces Endorsement for Trump

John Cornyn Announces Endorsement for Trump

( – Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, who holds a role on the senate minority leadership team spearheaded by Mitch McConnel, announced his endorsement for Donald Trump’s presidential bid via X.

The Tweet follows Trump’s sweeping victory in New Hampshire’s Republican primary. He called on conservatives to unite behind a single candidate in the fight against the Biden administration’s policies, saying they “must be stopped.”

Cornyn also highlighted several accomplishments from Trump’s previous administration that led to his decision. Some of those included tax reform, court appointees, and a stronger economy. He also said that voters seem to be rallying around Trump more than any other candidate.

His endorsement kicks off a trend among senate Republicans rallying around the former president as primary elections get underway. Trump also won the GOP caucuses in Iowa with a significant lead. McConnell has yet to offer an endorsement.

Trump won 54% of Republican votes in New Hampshire’s primaries. Nikki Haley came in second with 43% of the votes. Biden won the state’s Democratic primary. There were over twice as many Republican voters as Democrats. The state has 22 Republican delegates and no Democrat delegates. Trump gained 12 delegates, while Haley earned 9.

According to Fox News, Trump said that he was “honored” by the victory and called the Republican party “united.”

The state also set a new record turnout for its primaries with over 300,000 voters casting their ballots. The Guardian suggested that the record stems from Trump’s ability to rally voters, whether they support or oppose him. Voters do not have to declare their party affiliation when voting in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire primaries have accurately predicted the Republican nominee for the past twenty years. The state is less adept at predicting the Democratic nominee. More volatility is expected among Republicans since Biden is largely expected to win his party’s primaries. However, Haley is still in the running and has expressed a belief that she has enough time to gain the momentum needed to win. She believes the primaries in South Carolina, where she previously served as governor, will boost that momentum on February 24.

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