New York DA Apologizes After Incident With Officer

New York DA Apologizes After Incident With Officer

( – A district attorney in New York has apologized after a heated exchange between her and a police officer who issued her a traffic ticket.

Sandra Doorley, who has been serving as the district attorney for Monroe County since 2011, was caught driving 55 mph on a street with a 35 mph speed limit. She refused to pull over and instead drove home before addressing the officer.

The officer’s body camera showed Doorley insulting him and clearly saying that she didn’t care that she was driving 20 mph faster than the speed limit. She also told him multiple times that she worked as the DA. The officer responded by saying that he understood but that it didn’t give her the right to speed.

During the exchange, Doorley was also seen calling Police Chief Dennis Kholmeier and demanding he tell the officer to leave her alone. She also told the officer that she understood the law better than him. Cameron Crisafulli was also heard asking why, as a DA, she was so frustrated with him doing his job. She did ultimately accept the ticket soon after.

She has since pleaded guilty to speeding. The announcement came after the city council for Rochester called for the state to investigate the incident. The vote was unanimous amongst all nine council members to issue an official letter to Letitia James, the attorney general for New York. In it, they question Doorley’s ability to serve appropriately after seeing her behavior in the footage. It was released publicly after a Freedom of Information Law request. They also said her behavior violated the standards required for her position.

Doorley also admitted that she failed to uphold the standards demanded by her position in an official apology video. She said that she was wrong and claimed that she will accept full responsibility. She also sent an inquiry for a DA in a different county to review the incident. She also said that she was already upset after dealing with three murder cases and receiving distressing news about her husband’s health.

An investigation has since been launched. Authorities said Doorley has been fully cooperating.

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