Former Trump Staffer Refuses To Endorse Him

Former Trump Staffer Refuses To Endorse Him

( – Sarah Matthews, who previously served as the White House deputy press secretary during the administration of former President Donald Trump, said she isn’t backing her former boss.

Matthews said on “Inside with Jen Psaki” that she feels the need to put policy aside when, in her words, there’s a “candidate on the ballot who will not uphold the Constitution,” referring to charges against Trump for alleged election interference. She also said she would vote for the candidate that’s most likely to defeat Trump, hinting at likely supporting Biden.

Matthews later told Psaki that most prominent Republicans bash Trump behind the scenes but won’t do so in the public eye.

Bill Barr is another former Trump administration official who also defected from supporting the former president a few years ago. However, he ended up endorsing the former president in late April. Barr originally slammed his former boss after the January 6th riot that took place at Capitol Hill. Barr even went on to say that Trump is a “horror show” when left on his own. Trump also lashed out at Barr, calling him a coward who wouldn’t do his job.

However, Barr eventually pointed to his problems with the Biden administration, ultimately concluding that Trump would be the least harmful of the two candidates.

Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who currently serves as the Senate minority leader, also endorsed the former president after initially turning against him. His endorsement came shortly after Nikki Haley officially ended her presidential campaign.

However, Matthews continues to stand firm in her opposition to Trump. She admonished conservatives who support him for his policies. She also indicated she believes Trump is an odd case that should be stopped even if it means supporting a Democrat. She also testified against Trump during a January 6 hearing.

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