MSNBC Host Leaves After Show Gets Canceled

MSNBC Host Leaves Following Show Cancelation

( – MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan has announced his departure from the network two months after executives scrapped his show. Hasan was expected to remain as an analyst, but then said he would seek out new opportunities instead.

During his final broadcast on January 7, he said that with everything going on, including the war, Trump’s legal woes, and the upcoming election, “I’ve decided it’s time for me to look for a new challenge.”

Hasan came under fire last October for his commentary on the Hamas terror attack on Israel, around the time that MSNBC lost 33% of its viewership, and Fox News and CNN enjoyed ratings increases. The Jewish Chronicle reports that Hasan was “scolded” numerous times for having anti-Israel views.

Hasan also repeatedly claimed that Israel, rather than Hamas, was responsible for bombing the al-Ahli Arab Hospital. He clashed with Israeli government advisor Mark Regev, who asked him to remind viewers that information coming from Gaza is disseminated and approved by Hamas. “I don’t have to say what you ask me to say,” the host replied.

Announcing his resignation on X, formerly Twitter, Hasan received much support and encouragement, though some users were quick to criticize his stance on Israel and Palestine.

Hasan has been steeped in controversy since before the war. One recording from the anchor’s past reportedly found him saying that the Koran “describes atheists as cattle” and referring to homosexuals as those breaking Islamic law. In a lengthy tirade, Hasan was heard using the term “kaffir” – a derogatory term used by Islamic extremists to refer to non-Muslims.

In 2019, he apologized and said he was embarrassed by some of his past comments. “Speaking without notes and trying to be bombastic, I made stupid sweeping remarks about non-Muslims, especially atheists,” he said in an X thread.

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