Key Adviser Stepping Down From Biden Admin Role

Key Adviser Steps Down From Biden Admin Role

( – A key adviser who has managed an infrastructure law for the Biden administration over the past two years is leaving the administration.

Mitch Landrieu is now expected to lead Biden’s efforts for reelection in 2024. A representative of the campaign confirmed that Landrieu has been offered the co-chair position via X.

Biden released a statement thanking Landrieu for his role in the administration. He praised the former mayor for rebuilding New Orleans in ten years and said that he will miss the counsel Landrieu offered.

Landrieu has spent two years traveling across the country to oversee various projects related to the administration’s infrastructure law. More than 40,000 projects have been funded under it.

Biden’s campaign has been solidifying its efforts ahead of the 2024 elections. They have hired workers in swing states and reshuffled various positions, including Landrieu’s. They are also building on their cornerstone message of calling Donald Trump a “grave threat to democracy.”

Biden and Trump have remained close in favorability polls, though they have both lost support since 2020. Meanwhile, Biden was falling behind in several battleground states as of December, with FiveThirtyEight putting Trump ahead in the majority of surveys it recorded during the first week of January.

The Biden administration is also facing an uphill battle with Democrats who are increasingly concerned about his performance and age, as reported by The Hill. Although Trump is only a few years younger than Biden, increasing attention has been brought to the fact that Biden is now 81, making him the oldest US president.

People are also concerned about his lack of exposure. Biden earned a reputation for avoiding public appearances even before he was elected president. He has since agreed to fewer interviews and news conferences than any other modern president. Some Democrats believe his administration has intentionally avoided public appearances to avoid embarrassing moments.

Some leaders within the Democratic party are concerned as well. Several elected officials have seen their support dwindle as inflation and economic woes continue to plague the country.

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