Lindsey Graham’s Phone Suspected of Being Hacked

Lindsey Graham's Phone Suspected of Being Hacked

( – The FBI took possession of Senator Lindsey Graham’s cell phone after he received what appeared to be a message from an individual impersonating Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The Senator’s spokesperson, Taylor Reidy, told reporters that the Sergeant at Arms was looking into a possible hack of Graham’s phone.

An email to staff from the Senate Sergeant at Arms days later said the number of phishing attacks on Capitol Hill was increasing. The email contained details of how the attack was initiated. It begins with a message purportedly from a trusted source, encouraging the receiver to install applications that cause the phone to behave “abnormally.”

However, Graham reported that the hacking incident related to his personal cell phone rather than the one issued by the Senate. During a panel discussion last week, he explained that he received a message that seemed to be from Schumer but wasn’t. “The next thing you know, my phone is…” he began, before saying, “I don’t know.” He then added that whatever you “create” can seemingly be hacked.

The Republican Congressman highlighted the issue during a speech at the Hill & Valley Forum in Washington, DC, discussing artificial intelligence and tech safety. The Senator said there were legitimate concerns and told his own story as an example. He did not name any potential suspects.

Cybersecurity has been the source of increasing concern in the US as hacking incidents, cyberattacks, and scams become more frequent. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there were 2,365 cyberattacks in 2023 involving more than 300 million victims. Meanwhile, Statista reported that around 30 percent of people worldwide encountered phishing scams in 2022.

Just weeks ago, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned about Volt Typhoon – a Chinese hacking system that has already gained access to critical infrastructure in the US. Speaking at Vanderbilt University in late April, Wray said the system is in place, and China can “wreak havoc” in the United States whenever it chooses.

The Director explained that the hacking campaign has successfully infiltrated several telecommunications, water, and energy companies, adding, “Its plan is to land low blows against civilian infrastructure to try to induce panic.”

China denied the claim. A spokesperson said the Volt Typhoon has no links with the Chinese Communist Party and is the work of underground criminals. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement accusing the United States of using “origin-tracing of cyber-attacks” as a weapon to blast China. It said the communist nation is, in fact, the victim of American cybersecurity manipulation and politicization.

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