Joe Exotic Still Has Presidential Ambition

Joe Exotic Still Has Presidential Ambition

( – Joe Exotic, star of the Netflix series Tiger King, announced in 2023 that he was pursuing the White House, and he has recently released a campaign ad. In his video, posted to TikTok, Exotic said he is “broke as f***” and knows nothing about politics, but he does know that he would listen to the voices of the American taxpayers who pay for the “ba****d” politicians.

Conservative commentator Ben Bartee wrote on PJ Media that he believes Joe Exotic would do a better job than the Joe that currently occupies the Oval Office, adding that his belief represents a “d***ing indictment of America’s ruling class.”

Exotic’s real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado, and he is a convicted felon who was found guilty of several animal cruelty offenses and a murder-for-hire plot against an environmental activist, Carole Baskin. He is currently serving a 21-year jail term for hiring two hitmen to kill animal rights activist Carol Baskin, who objected to his keeping big cats, including tigers, in his makeshift Oklahoma zoo. Back in 2018, Baskin spoke to The Oklahoman, claiming that Maldonado had threatened her many times and expressing relief that he was arrested.

Following a joint investigation involving the FBI, the US Marshal Service, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement, Mr. Maldanado was convicted of falsifying wildlife records, killing tigers and violating the Endangered Species Act, and unlawfully selling tigers across state lines.

Joe Exotic and some of his supporters petitioned then-President Donald Trump for a pardon in 2020, but Trump’s response was merely to refer to the group as “strange.”

On his website, Mr. Exotic assures visitors that his Presidential ambition is not a joke, even though he is campaigning from inside a federal prison. His policies include charging immigrants $50 a month, reforming the criminal justice system, defending free speech, and raising the eligible age for gun ownership to 21.

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