Haley Responds to SCOTUS Ruling on Trump

Haley Responds to SCOTUS Ruling on Trump

(RepublicanView.org) – Former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said she was “very happy” about the US Supreme Court’s ruling that her rival, Donald Trump, should be kept on Colorado’s ballot for the Republican primaries ahead of Super Tuesday. The decision was made just days before the March 5 primaries, in which Trump was projected to win every GOP race apart from Vermont.

The state supreme court in Colorado attempted to block Trump from appearing on the Republican primary ballot in December 2023. They claimed he was ineligible after the incident at the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021, citing the “Insurrection Clause” in the US Constitution as their reasoning. The clause prohibits people who have engaged in an insurrection from running for any public office. Several other blue states attempted to do the same.

Trump’s legal team filed an appeal with the US Supreme Court immediately after. The court temporarily halted Colorado’s decision while it deliberated the move. Colorado’s Republican party also filed an appeal.

Every US Supreme Court Justice ruled that the Insurrection Clause did not apply to the case against Trump and ordered that he remain on the ballot in every state. The majority also set the precedent that Congress must ultimately choose whether a federal candidate should be disqualified under the clause.

While speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper, Haley expressed her support for the decision by saying that Americans should choose their candidates. She also expressed concerns over the “chaos” that may ensue if the precedent is set that state officials can manipulate the cause to bar candidates simply because they don’t like them.

She also said that she was competing against Trump fairly. She indicated she didn’t want state officials to give her an unfair advantage against the American people’s will.

Haley was the only candidate still competing against Trump for the party’s nomination as of Super Tuesday. She vowed to continue her campaign even after losing major donors and supporters. She pulled ahead to second place for the Republican ticket ahead of New Hampshire’s primary, but has consistently trailed far behind Trump.

After losing in every state on March 5 aside from Vermont, Haley made a speech announcing the end of her candidacy. She made clear that she would continue fighting for what she believed in and that she had no regrets.

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