House GOP Chooses New House Appropriations Committee Head

House GOP Chooses New House Appropriations Committee Head

( – House Republicans have elected a new committee head for the House Appropriations Committee.

Representative Tom Cole (R-OK), who’s known for his negotiation skills, will serve as the influential committee’s new leader. He ran for the position without opposition after announcing his candidacy in March. He has been a member of the committee for 15 years.

Texas Republican Kay Granger, who previously held the position, announced her resignation from the position ahead of her looming retirement. Granger announced her retirement in October 2023. She cited disagreements with the Republican party’s direction as reasons for her decision.

Cole had strong support from his conservative colleagues across the chamber, several of whom held positions on the Steering Committee. However, others believed the decision was rushed, especially given a growing number of requests for reform. Representative Robert Aderholt (R-AL), who heads the Health and Human Services and Labor departments, implored Republicans to avoid a fast election to elect the next leader. He wanted them to focus on the processes and management of the House Appropriations Committee first. Representative Andy Harris (R-MD) agreed.

Cole promised he would help balance the government’s budget through appropriations funding. He also slammed entitlements as a source of government funding abuse. He also said one of his first moves as the new head will be to work with leadership in managing several funding bills from the lower chamber. He said the Fiscal Responsibility Act will guide their efforts. The Act set spending limits and passed with some bipartisan support in 2023.

However, conservatives have slammed the act, claiming it does too little to stifle excessive government spending. Those tensions have made it more difficult for the House to pass spending plans.

Cole also hinted that certain positions belonging to cardinals on the committee were likely to change. He said that he will discuss the matter with colleagues before any decisions are made.

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