George Santos Posts Angry Video Targeting Mayor Adams

George Santos Posts Angry Video Targeting Mayor Adams

( – Former Republican congressman George Santos posted a video on X in which he insulted and cursed at New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams after someone broke into his car.

Santos accused Adams of failing to maintain a safe city despite his previous experience as a police officer. This comes amid increasing concerns about crime in major cities. According to The New York Times, 2022 saw a 22 percent increase in crimes such as robberies and burglaries, despite an overall decrease in murders.

Santos insulted Adams, referring to him as “inept” and calling him several expletive names. He then said that the incident occurred in one of the city’s nicer neighborhoods, not “in the ghetto.”

Fabien Levy, New York City’s Deputy Mayor for Communications, fired back online by saying that Santos likely damaged the car himself. He then accused Santos of overvaluing his vehicle in the video. Adams’ office offered no additional comments.

The video was recorded at night as Santos walked up to the car and discussed the “freshly broken glass.” No authorities were present, indicating that Santos may have recorded the video before calling the police. He also appeared to be alone.

Santos has often encouraged his constituents to avoid the city, including specific areas (namely Queens and Long Island) that were in his district. He also encourages travelers to avoid the area for their own personal and financial security.

Santos was elected as the first openly gay Republican Congressman in 2022 and took office in January 2023. However, he was removed from office in December of 2023 after he was indicted on a number of fraud-related charges. There was a bipartisan effort to have him expelled.

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