DOJ Files Lawsuit Over Iowa Immigration Rule

DOJ Files Lawsuit Over Iowa Immigration Rule

( – President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is filing a lawsuit against the state of Iowa after it passed a recent law that prohibits entry to migrants who were denied entry into the US.

Senate File 2340 criminalizes the act of entering Iowa for people who were previously denied entry into the United States. It also applies to anyone currently facing orders of deportation.

Brian M. Byonton, who serves as the DOJ’s Deputy Assistant Attorney General, accused the state of violating Constitutional law. The DOJ had already warned Iowa’s government that it would take action against the law if it passed.

However, Republican Governor Kim Reynolds argued her state was forced to pass the law because the Biden administration has continued refusing to enforce existing immigration laws. She said her state will do what the federal government won’t by respecting laws that have already passed. She also noted her duty to protect the citizens of her state.

The move comes after the DOJ filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas over a similar state law. Republican Governor Greg Abbott has also repeatedly pushed back against federal orders to tear down a razor wire fence along the border.

Like Texas, the new Iowa law gives local police the power to initiate immigration procedures and begin the deportation of undocumented immigrants. They may send all of these migrants to Mexico regardless of which country they came from. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) along with other civil rights advocacy groups have also sued the state over the law.

The Biden administration has scrutiny from both the left and right over its handling of illegal immigration. Both Republican and Democrat representatives have called on the president to tighten border security, while he has repeatedly called on Congress to take action on the border.

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