DoD Sued For Obstructing Deep State Book

( – Kash Patel, former chief of staff at the Pentagon, is suing the Department of Defense for obstructing the publication of his book about the “deep state.” Patel alleges that the DoD has delayed reviewing the manuscript of his book and has denied him his First Amendment rights. Government Gangsters: The Deep State, the Truth, and the Battle for Our Democracy is an account of Patel’s experiences inside the Pentagon and includes allegations that the government is corrupt and infiltrated by anti-democratic actors.

Patel initially submitted his manuscript in October 2022 – a process that usually takes around three months to complete. However, Mr. Patel alleges that when he approached officials about his submission, they claimed to have no knowledge of it.

The writer insists there is no classified information contained in the book and noted that former national security advisor John Bolton published a book that did include classified details, but he did not face censure or prosecution.

“It seems the Biden administration has made a policy out of punishing either whistleblowers or anyone who wants to expose waste, fraud, and abuse,” Patel said.

President Donald Trump endorses the book and describes it as a spotlight on corruption and a brilliant roadmap that he will use to take back the White House and return the governance of the United States to the American people.

“Deep State” is a term used to describe a network of influential behind-the-scenes people who secretly manipulate policy and undermine elected governments. It is believed to consist of senior military and government agency figures.

It is often dismissed as a conspiracy theory, but President Trump frequently claims it is very real and he is determined to wipe it out.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll in 2017 revealed that 48% of Americans believe the deep state exists. The number who believe in it is almost equal across party lines —46% among Republicans and 45% among Democrats. Overall, only 35% said it was a conspiracy theory.

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