DeSantis Vows Not To Recognize Digital Currency

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has said his state will never recognize a centralized digital currency. DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin noted that digital currency would erode personal privacy, increase surveillance, and is part of a globalist agenda.

Griffin posted a flyer on his Twitter account entitled “Big Brother’s Digital Dollar.” It states, “Biden bureaucrats are working to further weaponize the financial sector through a Central Bank Digital Currency. What is a CBDC? Just another way of increasing surveillance and control of Americans.”

The flyer also alludes to upcoming legislation from the Governor’s office that will prohibit the use of CBDC within Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code and ban digital currencies issued by foreign government reserves and central banks.

Last March, President Biden issued an executive order for greater research into a US Central Bank Digital Currency. The President directed various agencies to look at the issue in further detail and report back on the advantages and disadvantages.
European governments have made similar moves in recent years, with the UK starting its exploration in 2021.

Experts have raised concerns about the introduction of the new currencies. Some argue that they could create financial instability by disrupting the operations of banks and excluding them from retail transactions. Others, however, estimate that the damage will be far more significant than that and have a highly detrimental impact on our privacy.

Some people firmly believe that introducing digital currency will give governments control over people’s spending. While it is indisputable that our spending habits are visible to government bodies, it is debatable whether authorities will use this to regulate behavior. In the UK, rewards for healthy eating have already been introduced. For example, people in Britain get free trips to the movie theater if they buy healthy food and take exercise. However, freedom campaigners there worry that this will soon morph into a system of punishments and rewards, resembling the social credit score system used in communist China.

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