Chris Cuomo Interviews RFK Jr. on Show

Chris Cuomo Interviews RFK Jr. on Show

( – Chris Cuomo, an anchor for NewsNation, confronted Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Independent presidential candidate, on TV, with a difficult question. Kennedy initially joined the presidential race as a Democrat, but eventually switched over to an Independent candidacy.

During the interview, Cuomo showed Kennedy a photo featuring several of his relatives posing with President Joe Biden. He then asked Kennedy why the people who know him best would support another candidate.

Kennedy’s siblings published a statement condemning his presidential run as an independent candidate in October 2023. They claimed his decision to run after switching his party affiliation from Democrat was “dangerous to our country” and accused him of lacking his father’s judgment, vision, and values. They officially denounced his campaign and called it “perilous.”

Kennedy replied to Cuomo by suggesting it wasn’t his whole family and that Cuomo knows relatives don’t always agree on issues. This appeared to be a reference to the controversial nature of Cuomo’s relationship with his brother, former Democrat New York governor Andrew Cuomo. He then said that Biden is a friend of his family and that many of his relatives don’t agree with him on everything. However, he also indicated that it doesn’t mean his family hates him.

However, he then took a jab at Biden, saying that he hopes he will eventually be provided with protection by the Secret Service during his campaign. According to Medaite, back in 2023, He noted that presidential candidates have always been provided with protection since his father’s assassination, yet he has not.

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