Body Discovered in Rochester Reservoir

Body Discovered in Rochester Reservoir

( – The City of Rochester, NY, closed cools and temporarily advised residents to boil tap water last week after a dead body was discovered in a local reservoir.

The adult man’s body was found around 8am on March 19 by employees. The reservoir was shut down immediately after, but officials were concerned that existing supplies may have already been contaminated. The city then began drafting plans to drain the reservoir’s entire 26 million gallon supply of water. The advisory has since been lifted after tests determined that it is safe.

However, they are still advising residents to seek medical attention if they experience the symptoms of contamination. They include diarrhea, headaches, nausea, and stomach cramps.

The body has since been removed by a team of scuba divers. He has since been identified as 29-year-old Abdullahi Muya, a local resident who was reported missing on February 18. Authorities determined that he spent nearly a month in the water despite daily reservoir inspections. They also said that foul play isn’t suspected since security footage showed that Muya entered the area on his own and later slid down into the water. He also scaled the large fences topped with razor wire. The heat and motion sensors installed as extra security measures failed to alert employees after he entered the restricted area.

Officials are still proceeding with the draining process despite tests concluding that it is safe to drink. They believe it could take up to two months to completely drain the water. No related illnesses have been reported.

Muya was last seen nearly a week before his death. He had only recently purchased a home in the area and completely severed contact with relatives soon after. His license was found in the parking lot of a local store on February 14. His family said that he is on medication to help him sleep and maintain a sound mental state. Otherwise, he suffers from paranoia. Officials still haven’t determined what drove him to visit the reservoir.

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