Biden Interviews Revealed Ahead of Hur Testimony

Biden Interviews Revealed Ahead of Hur Testimony

( – Transcripts of the interviews conducted by Robert Hur with President Joe Biden were released ahead of Hur’s testimony before Congress, leading to new accusations against the president and infighting among lawmakers.

During the interviews, Biden discussed his son’s death. Hur’s special report accused the president of forgetting the year when Beau Biden died. Biden angrily responded to that accusation, claiming that it was a political attack while saying he didn’t think it was their business.

However, the transcripts revealed that Biden actually brought up his son’s death. Other participants had to remind him that it happened in 2015. He then sounded doubtful that it was the correct year.

Hur stood by his conclusions while spending four hours testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee about his special report that spanned nearly 350 pages. He noted that the president did store classified documents improperly but didn’t recommend charges. He feared a jury would be too empathetic towards a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” to reach a guilty verdict. Hur said his assessment was not meant to attack the president, but he also said that he didn’t “sanitize” it.

Biden also said that unauthorized people helped him move the documents in his garage to make room for his Corvette, but claimed he couldn’t remember that the boxes contained classified documents. Documents were also stored improperly in strange places, including a pot that was also filled with plant soil.

Both Democrats and Republicans attacked Hur during his testimony. Democrats accused him of inappropriately insulting the president. Republicans slammed Hur for refusing to recommend charges against the president. Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA) told Hur that former president Donald Trump had his estate raided and is now facing criminal charges for the exact same offense that Hur is accusing Biden of committing. Hur insisted that his analysis was not motivated by politics.

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