At Least 50 Injured in Shocking Plane Incident

At Least 50 Injured in Shocking Plane Incident

( – At least 50 people were hurt when a Boeing 787 dipped into a nosedive during a flight from Australia to New Zealand. The plane descended so quickly that passengers came off their seats and smashed into the roof – dozens were hospitalized after landing in the New Zealand city of Auckland.

The LATAM Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was en route from Sydney when the incident occurred about an hour after take-off. A spokesperson for LATAM Airlines said the aircraft experienced “a technical event during the flight which caused a strong movement,” as reported by Fox 9.

Witnesses speaking to New Zealand reporters described a nosedive so steep that around 30 people “hit the ceiling hard.” One passenger said there was panic on board, but there was no announcement from the cockpit and little attempt to explain what had happened or calm people down.

One passenger described dozing off only to awaken suddenly and see the man sitting next to him had catapulted to the ceiling and was looking down at him. “It was like The Exorcist,” he said. Another traveler, named Valentina, said she saw blood on the ceiling and one person lying unconscious in the aisle. Upon landing, paramedics said one person was in critical condition.

A similar incident occurred last summer during a flight from Hawaii to Australia. Five hours into the long trip from Honolulu, the aircraft encountered massive turbulence that caused the plane to drop rapidly and throw passengers from their seats. Sultan Baskonyali described seeing people hit their heads on the ceiling. When the plane landed in Sydney, paramedics treated three passengers on the scene, while three flight attendants were hospitalized.

The aircraft nosedived at approximately 950 kilometers per hour, and relieved passengers posted photos on social media showing where the plane was damaged by flying human beings. One passenger complained that the dive happened seconds after the captain announced upcoming turbulence, meaning passengers did not have enough time to prepare or secure themselves with seat belts.

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