Authorities Investigate After Discovery of Explosive Device

Authorities Investigate After Discovery of Explosive Device

( – Alabama police are investigating an explosive device that was found on February 26 after being detonated outside the state’s attorney general office in downtown Montgomery early in the morning on February 24.

Local police originally partnered with the ATF to investigate the scene before confirming that it is now safe. However, they are still investigating the device used and who’s responsible.

Steve Marshall, the state’s Republican attorney general, recently faced significant backlash from left-leaning groups after the Alabama Supreme Court supported a decision that essentially ends in vitro fertilization treatments in the state as providers fear legal uncertainty after the decision. The ruling referred to those embryos as “extrauterine children.” That means embryos created through IVF treatments will now be protected as children by the law.

President Joe Biden was accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris and several other prominent Democrats in condemning the ruling. The administration argues that it will inhibit the ability of infertile couples to become pregnant.

Marshall’s office later announced that it doesn’t plan to prosecute clinics offering IVF treatments or families seeking them. However, the decision does give parents the right to file wrongful death lawsuits of children. Doctors fear this could lead to financial troubles if embryos are accidentally lost or destroyed during a storage or transportation error.

Authorities have not yet found a connection between the explosion and the state’s decision, although the investigation is still in its early stages. No one was injured by the explosion, and there does not appear to be any property damage.

The FBI has since joined the case and is soliciting the public for information. Few people were in the area when the device detonated just before 4am, so their leads have been limited. Video has been released of a person of interest in the case.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said that it received several calls about a “suspicious package” just after 8am on February 26. Their investigation revealed the device that had already been detonated two days earlier.

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