Alabama Judge Allegedly Left Seriously Injured By Son

Alabama Judge Allegedly Left Seriously Injured By Son

( – An Alabama judge was reported to be in critical condition this past week after his son shot and stabbed him during a domestic argument. Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Johnny Hardwick was hospitalized when his son, Khalfani Hardwick, allegedly shot him, and also attacked him multiple times with a sharp object. The cause of the domestic dispute is unknown, but reports indicate that they were having an intense argument. Records show that the younger Hardwick has a history of violence, including a conviction for shooting a man in 2014.

After the incident with the judge, the judge’s son allegedly fled the scene in a vehicle he abandoned just a few miles from his home. Police found him less than an hour later on the US 231 highway and took him into custody.

Khalfani Hardwick pleaded guilty in 2017 to shooting a man three years earlier and leaving him for dead. The victim was Clayton Riley. He survived but was severely injured. Initially charged with attempted murder, Hardwick’s admission meant prosecutors reduced his charges, and he was ultimately sentenced to probation on a second degree assault charge.

Khalfani Hardwick is held without bond at the Montgomery County Detention Facility and faces charges including unlawful possession of a firearm and domestic violence. According to, Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham said, “I am just asking that we continue to pray for the judge.” Judge Hardwick is the president of the Alabama Association of Circuit Court Judges and has been on the bench since 2001.

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