American Woman Killed in Mexico

American Woman Killed in Mexico

( – Two people, including an American woman on vacation and a man visiting from Belize, were killed in the Mexican city of Tulum, a popular tourist town, according to recent reports.

Officials believe the two tourists were gunned down during a shootout between rival drug dealers at a local nightclub. Quintana Roo investigators said the woman had no involvement with the shooters. She also is not believed to have been acquainted with the man from Belize despite initial local reports that the two were involved. Photos on his phone showed that he was with another woman.

Investigators found drug paraphernalia and opioids on the man. They also found cocaine and an unknown brown powdery substance. Officials believe he was involved in dealing. The woman was later identified as 44-year-old Niko Honarbakhsh of Los Angeles.

Officials believe they have discovered the identities of the shooters and have launched a manhunt to find them. However, they have not released the names of their suspects.

The shooting follows a surge in violence that has gripped previously tranquil Mexican cities, including popular tourist destinations. Two other tourists, including another resident of California, were also caught in the crosshairs of gang violence in Tulum while visiting in 2021. Both victims were dining in a restaurant when the shooting occurred. Neither survived.

The violence has prompted US State Department officials to release a travel warning for popular tourist destinations in Mexico. They noted that violence may erupt at any time, especially at night. Playa del Carmen and Cancun were among the resort cities listed in the warning. Four Americans were kidnapped by drug cartels in 2023. They were visiting Mexico to get cosmetic surgery at a lower price. Two of them were killed, along with a local bystander, after a gunfight broke out.

Many Americans have also become severely sick after buying and using drugs during their visits. However, the region continues to attract tourists. Visitors are encouraged to avoid letting their guard down and maintain an awareness of their surroundings.

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