US Admiral Says He Can Make China’s Forces “Miserable” If They Invade Taiwan

US Admiral Says He Can Make China's Forces "Miserable" If They Invade Taiwan

( – A top US admiral has reportedly opened up about the US’s planned response if the Chinese Communist Party invades Taiwan.

Admiral Samuel Paparo said the Taiwan Strait will be transformed into an “unmanned h*llscape” if China attempts to invade, according to a Washington Post editorial from columnist Josh Rogin. Paparo added that the strategy will be used as a distraction to keep China busy as the US works with Taiwan for a better solution.

He said he can deploy a drone attack force that will leave the Chinese military “miserable.” He said the military could maintain that effort for as long as a month, buying more than enough time to prepare for the next steps. The plan includes deploying thousands of advanced combat drones from ships and submarines as soon as China’s military crosses the strait, effectively building a first line of defense without risking the lives of allied forces.

The US military has already begun building a force of drones through the Replicator initiative. The program was formally announced by the Department of Defense in 2023.

Kathleen Hicks, the current Deputy Defense Secretary, said the Pentagon has also budgeted $1 billion to fund the program in this fiscal year. It’s also working with several partners to develop its drone fleet and systems as quickly as possible. According to Hicks, the US government believes the drone fleet will help provide an advantage against China’s massive military force.

The US and Taiwan do not have diplomatic ties, as the island is officially part of China. However, the US has continued to support Taiwan unofficially over the years, and has promised to support it should China follow through on its threats to invade. Tensions between these nations come amid the US’s attempts to support Ukraine and Israel.

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