Ukraine Says It Stopped Zelenskyy Assassination Plot

Ukraine Says It Stopped Zelenskyy Assassination Plot

( – Officials in Ukraine are saying that Kyiv recently intercepted an attempted assassination against president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Authorities working for the SBU (Ukraine’s secret service) claimed that it discovered an entire network of officials with the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Russia who planned an operation to kill Zelenskyy, along with other government officials in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government has said this isn’t the first time that Russia has attempted to have Zelenskyy killed since it invaded his country in 2022. Back in March 2022, less than a month after Russia invaded, Ukraine reported that Zelenskyy had survived over a dozen attempts on his life.

According to Ukrainian officials, the FSB orchestrated a plot to take out Zelenskyy and Major General Kyrylo Budanov, who runs the nation’s Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR). Officials also said that two members of Ukraine’s State Security Service, the agency responsible for protecting Zelenskyy, have since been taken into custody. Kyiv said the plot included the use of a drone with missiles. Some Ukrainian officials were also arrested on charges related to treason. They are facing life sentences if convicted.

Russia also claimed last year that Ukraine attempted to assassinate President Vladimir Putin during a drone attack. The Kremlin didn’t offer evidence of the alleged plot, but several Russian nationalist groups demanded revenge. Ukraine denied the claims. However, Zelenskyy also said later that Ukraine has “every right” to kill Putin if given the chance. The Kremlin shot back by claiming that Ukrainian officials have also “verbally attempted to assassinate” Putin on many occasions.

Zelenskyy has also accused the Russian government of attempting to have him removed as president. According to him, Operation Maidan 3 meant to have him removed from power, even if he wasn’t killed.

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