Trump, UAW President Take Swipes at Each Other

Trump, UAW President Take Swipes at Each Other

( – Donald Trump recently slammed the President of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, claiming he’s ignorant of the car industry and its future.

The critique, published as a Truth Social post, came in response to an interview with Shawn Fein, UAW’s president, on Face the Nation. He accused Fein of selling the industry “into the big, powerful, hands of China.” He also noted that over half of the industry has already left the country before claiming the rest would likely leave if Biden is elected for another four years.

Trump also slammed what he called Biden’s “vision” of electric vehicles completely replacing gas-powered vehicles, all of which would be built in China. He then outlined a plan to reform taxes and tariffs to bring auto manufacturing back into the US. He asked for the “dope” to be removed.

Fein also slammed Trump during his recent interview and announced the UAW’s official endorsement of Biden. He said Trump wouldn’t be a member of his organization if he worked in an auto plant. Fein also claimed that Biden has a history of serving others, while Trump only serves himself. However, the union originally hesitated in its endorsement of Biden over his administration’s push to build more electric vehicles. The organization believes it will likely result in fewer jobs.

Trump has been a staunch opponent of the push to replace gas-powered cars with electric vehicles. He has previously claimed that the Biden administration’s policies will destroy Michigan’s auto industry.

The administration responded to Trump’s criticisms of Fein by calling him a “scab” and claiming that he was just being petty after losing the UAW’s endorsement. However, Trump has previously criticized the union on multiple occasions. His critiques were especially heavy last year after the union’s strike drove more manufacturing jobs to China.

The Biden administration has also increased tariffs on electric cars as China continues to lower them.

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