Trump Shoots Down Report About Haley as VP

Trump Shoots Down Report About Haley as VP

( – Former president Donald Trump has quelled rumors that he’s considering Nikki Haley as a pick for his running mate.

The rumors began swirling after Axios reported that sources said Trump’s campaign was actively considering Haley for the position on May 11. They also said that Trump would likely choose her if she could assist him with avoiding jail time and win the presidency. The presumption was that she could help him win younger voters.

However, Trump soon published a Truth Social post that he is not considering Haley as his running mate. He also wished her well before ending with “DJT,” indicating that he personally published the post, not an assistant.

However, a growing number of Republicans believe a Trump/Haley ticket would prove beneficial to both the candidates themselves and the party’s interests. Haley was backed by donors with deep pockets, while Trump is struggling to maintain his campaign’s finances as he also pays significant legal fees. Many of Haley’s donors specifically funded her because they want to avoid another Trump presidency.

Trump and Haley were known for hurling insults at each other while campaigning for the Republican nomination during the primary election season. Haley has largely avoided publicity since ending her campaign, and she has not endorsed a candidate for the presidency.

Haley, who previously served as a US ambassador and as the governor of South Carolina, accepted a lucrative position with conservative think-tank Hudson Institute.

Reports indicated Trump was considering North Dakota governor Kristi Noem as his running mate. However, Trump’s former White House press secretary recently said, “Everyone agrees she killed her chances,” following the eruption of multiple controversies, including a memoir in which she admitted to killing an “untrainable” dog and a lawsuit over her promotion of a dentist. However, Trump still admitted to liking her “a lot” after news of the memoir exploded.

Trump has since said little about who he’s considering.

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