Trump Ordered To Pay Legal Bills Over Steele Dossier Case

Trump Ordered To Pay Legal Bills Over Steele Dossier Case

( – A judge in London is ordering Donald Trump to pay legal fees after he lost his lawsuit in the Steele dossier case.

Trump attempted to sue Orbis Business Intelligence and its founder, former British spy Christopher Steele, after he said his reputation was harmed by false “shocking and scandalous” allegations in a dossier published by the agency. He called the information “fake news” and said it was just part of a politically-motivated plot against him. His legal team claimed the agency violated British laws designed to protect personal data.

The dossier was published after US Democrats paid Steele’s agency to dig up tantalizing details about Trump’s life that could potentially be published by Russian hackers to blackmail him, as reported by AP News. Steele originally managed the segment of MI6 that monitored Russian activities. The dossier claimed that Trump frequently attended adult-themed gatherings and solicited women in the Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Trump’s legal team originally filed the lawsuit in October 2023 over the memo. They sought to prove that the allegations were false and seek damages from Orbis Business Intelligence over the harm that it caused to Trump’s public perception. However, Judge Karen Steyn tossed the case, claiming that it didn’t stand a chance of winning. Steyn claimed the case wasn’t backed by compelling reasons to move forward.

Now, the judge is demanding that Trump pay the equivalent of $382,000 to cover part of the legal bills Orbis said it incurred. They were only represented in a single-day court hearing. They originally sought the equivalent of $809,000.

Trump filed a similar lawsuit with a Florida court in 2022. In it, he accused Hillary Clinton and federal agents of collaborating with Orbis to make up allegations of his campaign working with Russian agents. That lawsuit was also dismissed.

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