Trump Is Back on State Ballots

( – A Democrat judge in the state of Illinois issued a ruling barring Donald Trump from appearing on the state’s ballot for its Republican primary elections.

Judge Tracie Porter, who campaigned as a Democrat in 2022, initially claimed that the insurrection that occurred on January 6th, 2021 makes Trump ineligible to serve as president. She was referring to the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause that prohibits individuals who “engaged” in an insurrection from running for office. However, Trump pleaded with his supporters to remain peaceful during his speech that day.

Porter said her decision was influenced by a ruling the Colorado Supreme Court handed down in December 2023 that also barred Trump from appearing on that state’s ballot. However, the order she originally issued on February 29th permitted Trump to remain on the state’s ballot for early voting through March 1st so that he could appeal the decision.

Trump’s legal team filed an appeal against the ruling just hours after it was issued. His lawyers called it “unconstitutional” and said they believed the appeal would be upheld quickly. They have also argued against accusations made against Trump in an attempt to disqualify him under the insurrection clause. They cited Trump’s attempts to calm the crowd as evidence.

Both rulings were then put on hold by the US Supreme Court. Voters continued voting for Trump in Colorado and Illinois during the latter state’s early voting. Justices, both liberal and conservative, strongly questioned whether the provisions outlined in the 14th Amendment apply to Trump. They expressed doubts about whether he actually “engaged” in the insurrection and the provision’s scope. The justices had hinted that the efforts in both states – along with around a dozen others – would likely fail.

The lawyers were right. The ruling came, which came swiftly on Monday, March 4, 2024, stated that the states could not kick Trump off of the ballot. The SCOTUS ruling was unsigned, with no dissents.

Trump continues to maintain his lead among Republican voters in the state. That lead has grown strong in recent months. He would likely win by a landslide if the primary elections were held today.

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