Trump Comes To Speaker Johnson’s Defense

Trump Comes To Speaker Johnson's Defense

( – Former President Donald Trump has defended Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, who is facing criticism from fellow GOP lawmakers after helping pass a bill providing billions of dollars to Ukraine. Trump said Johnson is a “very good person” who is “trying very hard.”

Speaking to John Fredericks on Real America’s Voice, Trump added that Republicans must focus on upcoming elections and work to increase their majority in the House while taking control of the Senate. “We have to have a big day and win the presidency,” he said.

The former President comes to Johnson’s defense just as Georgia Trump-ally Marjorie Taylor Greene threatens to have him ousted from the chair. Taylor Greene is a fierce Johnson critic and accuses him of betraying America by supporting a “Democrat agenda” and funding Biden administration policies.

The Georgia firebrand filed a motion to vacate the chair in March after Johnson helped pass the government’s $1.2 trillion spending bill earlier this year. However, she conceded she did not have enough GOP support and said the motion should serve as a warning to Johnson.

Some Republicans, however, say the GOP should not rock the boat and risk further unrest in the House as November’s elections approach. Rep. Bob Good of Virginia agrees with Taylor Greene’s assessment of Johnson but opposes a vote to oust him from the chair. “My judgment and estimation is that this is not the time to do that,” Rep. Good said.

Nevertheless, a recent vote on foreign funding, including $61 billion for Ukraine, saw a split deepen among House Republicans, with opposition from 101 GOP lawmakers. Many conservatives argue that the billions sent abroad would be better spent at home, particularly to secure the US southern border.

The Ukraine aid package passed the Senate by 79 votes to 18, and President Joe Biden signed it into law. Republican Senators who opposed the legislation included Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Josh Hawley of Missouri, and Texan Senator Ted Cruz.

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