Trafficking Suspect Avoided Deportation for Over 20 Years, Authorities Say

Trafficking Suspect Avoided Deportation for Over 20 Years, Authorities Say

( – A man wanted in Oklahoma for human trafficking has been on the run for decades using fake identification, according to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN). Cops arrested Feng Jiang on October 24 in New York City on an outstanding warrant issued in the Sooner State, and discovered he had been using a fake name and date of birth to avoid detection for more than 20 years.

OBN Director Donnie Anderson said when Jiang was extradited to Oklahoma, his agency undertook a fingerprint analysis of the suspect and determined that he was issued with a deportation order in 2001, and is subject to an outstanding deportation warrant.

The investigation began when law enforcement officers in Oklahoma received a tip that a brothel was operating at a residential building in northwest Oklahoma City. Officers watched the location and noted that dozens of women were trafficked there between October 2022 and February 2023. Feng Jiang, and a second suspect Jian Lin, are believed to be the operators of the brothel.

A grand jury in Oklahoma indicted Jiang and Lin in September and charged them with human trafficking. Jiang is currently detained but Lin remains at large.

The investigation by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics found that most of the brothel’s customers were involved in the marijuana trade in the state. Video surveillance of the one-story house recorded more than 100 visits by men who stayed for less than one hour, and a search of the trash uncovered a number of used condoms.

While Mr. Jiang is believed to be the mastermind of the operation, Mr. Lin is alleged to have brought women from outside the United States to Oklahoma and transported them from airports to the brothel.

Authorities in the Sooner State say there is an epidemic of human trafficking and in 2022, Oklahoma was among several states to receive extra federal funding to help trafficking victims. The RISE Above Project, which provides housing and other necessities to victims, was awarded $600,000.

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