Tensions Between North Korea and South Korea on the Rise

Tensions Between North Korea and South Korea on the Rise

(RepublicanView.org) – The North Korean government promised to stop floating balloons filled with trash and manure over its southern border this week after South Korea promised “unbearable” retaliation. This came amid increased tensions between the countries and shortly before South Korea decided to suspend a notable military agreement.

The bizarre conflict began when North Korea floated hundreds of trash balloons into South Korea while claiming that it was in retaliation for propaganda leaflets that were floated into its country. North Korea has also allegedly been causing its neighbor headaches by jamming GPS signals.

South Korean officials responded by calling the North’s actions “irrational” while promising “unbearable” retaliation. The South’s government didn’t specify what that meant or when it would occur. However, according to reports, some observers said South Korea would likely blast world news, K-pop music, and anti-North propaganda over loudspeakers at its northern border. The people of North Korea are forbidden from accessing media and information that has not been approved by its government.

Hours after South Korea’s promise of “unbearable” retaliation, North Korea vowed it would stop sending the balloons, saying its neighbor now understands how much “effort” goes into removing waste. However, the northern country reserved the right to start sending them again if it starts receiving more leaflets.

This week, the South Korean government also fully ceased a military pact that was signed by both nations in 2018, effective immediately. The agreement was signed to help ease tensions while avoiding any potential escalations. North Korea already said that it would no longer honor the deal when the South suspended part of the agreement after the launch of a spy satellite.

Suspending the pact means South Korea can now conduct military training and drills in the regions surrounding the Military Demarcation Line. That would also allow the South to respond more quickly to threats from North Korea.

Tensions have flared between the two nations recently as North Korea ramps up its munitions production and nuclear arsenal. The North has begun boosting its ties with China and Russia, while South Korea has improved relations with the United States. A blog post from the Council on Foreign Relations think tank notes that there have been questions about how another Trump presidency could impact the situation with North Korea. It’s reportedly largely believed that another four years with Biden will keep things as they are.

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