Ted Cruz Reportedly Going Up Against Colin Allred

Ted Cruz Reportedly Going Up Against Colin Allred

(RepublicanView.org) – Representative Colin Allred was projected to win the Democratic primary for Senate in Texas and is expected to campaign against Republican Senator Ted Cruz ahead of the 2024 elections.

Allred celebrated the victory by telling constituents across all parties in Texas that he wants their involvement in his campaign. He also told them that he looks forward to serving them in the Senate.

He immediately went on the offensive against Ted Cruz, calling him a “me-guy” while suggesting that he was cowardly.

Allred’s victory was a landslide in the state of Texas with 58.8% of the votes, as projected by The Associated Press. The runner-up, Roland Gutierrez, only received 16.7%. However, his 565,997 votes still trailed far behind the 1,974,132 votes that Ted Cruz received in the state’s Republican primary, accounting for 88.3% of the votes. His runner-up, Holland “Redd” Gibson, only received 6%.

Still, Allred has received national attention from Democrats. They poured over $21 million into his campaign as part of their ongoing effort to turn Texas into a blue state. Doing so would give Democrats a significant advantage in presidential elections.

Despite that support, Allred has sided with Republicans in denouncing the Biden administration’s border policies. His stance comes at a time when Texas continues to square off against the federal government over handling the border situation. The Supreme Court recently ruled that the federal government has the authority to tear down the state’s razor wire as needed, but Republican Governor Greg Abbot insists that doing so would put its citizens in danger.

The Democrat are looking to snatch Senate seats from Republicans in both Texas and Florida. However, they are also concerned about losing their razor-thin senate majority during the general elections. That threat has grown as a significant number of Senators and Representatives announce they will not seek reelection in 2024. That leaves several toss-up opportunities for Republicans across the nation, including in several blue strongholds.

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