Supreme Court Issues Ruling in Trump Immunity Case

Supreme Court Issues Ruling in Trump Immunity Case

( – The US Supreme Court has issued a ruling granting former President Donald Trump partial immunity from prosecution. The Court’s 6-3 decision determined that the former President is immune from prosecution for official acts carried out in office but not if conducted in a private capacity. Lower courts must now decide which is which.

Chief Justice John Roberts said that while the President is not above the law, he cannot face prosecution for Presidential duties.

The case centers around Trump’s connection to the January 6 riots and his pushback on the results of the past election. The claim against the former President was paused to await the Supreme Court ruling, and reports now suggest that Special Counsel Jack Smith will need to revisit his arguments and restructure his case. Additionally, the ruling makes it almost certain that the planned trial against Trump will not take place before the November election.

President Biden reacted to the Court’s declaration, suggesting it sent a message to Donald Trump that he can do whatever he wishes without accountability. “Today’s decision almost certainly means that there are virtually no limits on what a President can do,” Biden said. He also referred to the decision as a “dangerous precedent.”

On his Truth Social media account, former President Trump said the ruling represented a victory for the Constitution and US democracy. “Proud to be an American,” he wrote.

Dissenting Justices declared that the ruling was misguided. Justice Sonia Sotomayor said the Court had changed the nature of the Presidency and created American “king[s].” She added that the decision “completely insulates Presidents from criminal liability.”

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