Student Recalls Harrowing Experience of Shooting Incident

Student Recounts Harrowing Experience of Shooting Incident

( – A senior student at The University of Nevada Las Vegas recounted the horrifying moments that he first heard the gunshots on Wednesday, December 6.

According to ABC News, Mike Henderson was walking down a hallway when the blasts first echoed through the building. After that, he received a phone alert pleading with students to hide and take cover, confirming that the shots were real.

He joined a few other students who were barricading themselves in a classroom on the second floor. They turned off the lights and remained quiet. He noted that everyone was nervous as they waited. Some students began to cry. Henderson said he called his dad as others did the same. He warned that it might be their last conversation.

They remained barricaded in the classroom until police arrived just under half an hour later. However, he heard additional shots as they made their way outside. He said he also saw a body lying on the ground when they made it outside.

Henderson survived the tragedy, as did all other students. The three people who were killed were all faculty members. The shooter, 67-year-old Anthony Polito, had recently been turned down for a position as a professor by the school. However, the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Polito also reportedly sent mailed envelopes laced with an unidentified powder to members of the faculty before the shooting. Several letters were also sent to faculty members of Eastern Carolina University. The substance has not yet been identified.

One of Polito’s neighbors, 42-year-old Greg Gibson, also discussed his encounter with Polito the morning of the shooting. GovTech reported that according to Gibson, Polito seemed anxious as he smoked and paced around the complex furiously. When Gibson gave Polito a nod as they passed each other, he just returned a “thousand-yard stare.”

One other neighbor also said that no one seemed to talk to the six-year resident, who he said largely lived like a hermit.

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