Russia, Ukraine Engage in Prisoner Swap

Russia, Ukraine Engage in Prisoner Swap

( – Russia and Ukraine have exchanged prisoners in a swap organized and facilitated by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The warring enemies handed over 90 prisoners each as part of a series of exchanges since the conflict began with a Russian invasion in 2022. Moscow confirmed that its soldiers would return to Russia for medical treatment and rehabilitation. Ukraine’s leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy marked the occasion on Twitter, saying the 90 included members of his country’s National Guard, Navy, Border Guards, and Territorial Defense Forces.

The UAE has been credited with acting as a steady and unbiased hand between the warring nations and has organized previous prisoner swaps this year. However, its approach has caused some tension with the United States, as it refuses to participate in punitive sanctions against Moscow.

In 2024 so far, Russia and Ukraine exchanged 500 prisoners in January and 100 in February, as well as more recently in May, when each side released 75. The May exchange included four Ukrainian civilians, and photos revealed emotional and tearful family reunions involving troops draped in enormous blue and yellow flags.

The Kremlin has not commented on Donald Trump’s remarks claiming that he would end the war. Trump restated the pledge at the first Presidential debate in Atlanta and insisted the war would never have happened if he had been in the White House.

Ukrainian lawmaker Yaroslav Zhelezniak said his country is watching the US election closely. He remarked that the first debate did not appear to bode well for President Biden. Regarding Mr. Trump’s comments, Mr. Zhelezniak said he wishes the former President did not make such pledges, adding that if Trump does end the war, “It probably won’t be on Ukraine’s terms.”

International relations analyst Oleksandr Kraiev agreed, describing the Atlanta debate as “very depressing.” The Ukrainian commentator accused Donald Trump of lying and said President Biden looked fatigued.

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