Russia, North Korea Reach Defense Agreement

Russia, North Korea Reach Defense Agreement

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin recently traveled to North Korea for the first time since 2000 to secure a new military pact with Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s dictator.

The treaty will facilitate new trade agreements and increased commerce. Both nations also agreed to share advanced technologies and military capabilities. According to The Hill, this comes as North Korea reportedly has been equipping Russia for its fight against Ukraine. Moscow has been returning the favor by giving Pyongyang new missile and satellite technologies.

Both leaders are reportedly calling for a multipolar world, in which the dominance currently held by the US is ended.

Putin called the deal “groundbreaking” and officially announced his country’s support for North Korea on June 17. He called North Koreans “heroic” and promised to support them in their fight against their “treacherous” enemy.

The US has been trying to isolate both countries as they share increasing hostilities against western countries. However, they have also increasingly received support from China. There are still challenges in such a trilateral agreement, including a possible decrease in Chinese influence over the region.

Still, concerns have arisen about what would happen if the three came to an agreement, and if they continued to build relations with Iran. Jack Keane, a former four-star Army general, argued the relations between the four nations puts the US in the most danger it’s faced since World War II. He also accused the Biden administration of failing to communicate that threat to the American people effectively. The ultimate threat, he said, is the potential for the United States to be drawn into multiple significant wars simultaneously, putting a massive strain on the nation’s resources as Americans already grapple with record inflation.

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