Rudy Giuliani Accused of Misusing Bankruptcy Case Funds

Rudy Giuliani Accused of Misusing Bankruptcy Case Funds

( – Former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani is being accused of misusing his finances by bankruptcy creditors.

They allege Giuliani has spent money on his girlfriend and her daughter without paying those he owes money to. That includes $148 million awarded by a jury to poll workers in Georgia who filed a defamation lawsuit against Giuliani. Attorneys working for the Committee of Unsecured Creditors are urging courts to appoint a trustee that will preside over Giuliani’s finances.

Giuliani hosted a show with his alleged girlfriend, Maria Ryan, on WABC radio until last month. The show was canceled due to Giuliani’s claims about the past election. Ryan’s daughter, Vanessa Fenderson, also co-hosted the show.

The court filing draws attention to charges that Fenderson is facing related to drug use. She currently has two pending criminal cases in North Carolina. The lawyers accused Giuliani of failing to provide the government with their employment information since they believe that he is paying their salaries. They want the funds to benefit his estate instead. Michael Ragusa, who provides security detail to the former mayor, reportedly said that Giuliani and Ryan are not in a relationship and called reports saying otherwise “false rumors.” She has since been subpoenaed.

The lawyers say they are not intending to punish Giuliani, but are just attempting to protect his estate and creditors from himself.

Giuliani has faced a number of accusations over the last few years. Last month, he pleaded not guilty with 10 other people in an election-related case in Arizona. He was also sued in 2023 by a former employee, who accused him of assault and harassment.

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