Police Reportedly Investigating Former Brazilian Leader’s Trip

Police Reportedly Investigating Former Brazilian Leader's Trip

(RepublicanView.org) – Officials in Brazil have reportedly launched an investigation into a recent trip that Jair Bolsonaro, the country’s former president, took to Hungary shortly after authorities revoked his passport.

Bolsonaro was barred from leaving Brazil in February by the nation’s highest court over accusations that he planned to stage a coup following his reelection loss in October 2022. Officials established “Operation Time of Truth” to bring down an alleged “criminal organization” working behind the scenes to keep him in power.

Authorities claimed Bolsonaro and his associates attempted to issue a decree that would lead to the arrest of Alexandre de Moraes, Brazil’s STF minister and a self-proclaimed “anti-fake news crusader.” They had allegedly been spying on de Moraes and planned to demand a new election after his arrest. Police took Bolsnaro’s passport from his office at the Liberal Party’s office on February 8.

However, Bolsonaro seemingly defied the government’s orders and traveled to Hungary’s embassy in Brasilia later that month. He reportedly stayed at the embassy for two nights without explanation. However, his attorney, Fabio Wajngarten, claimed the visit was diplomatic in nature, giving Bolsonaro an opportunity to maintain friendly relations while reviewing updates on the political landscape. He has maintained a strong relationship with Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister. De Moraes, who also serves as a Supreme Court justice, will review reports from police investigations to determine Bolsnaro’s true motive.

Bolsonaro maintains his innocent plea despite claims from military leaders that he solicited them to assist with his coup. Authorities later accused him of tampering with a decree to reverse the elections that specifically requested help from military chiefs. However, two of his allies have already been taken into custody. One was arrested for possessing a firearm. Both are accused of assisting with the alleged attempted coup. Over 33 warrants have been issued.

One of those men, Valdemar Costa Neto, who heads the Liberal Party that Bolsnaro served under, has been accused of using the party to finance the former president’s alleged coup.

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