Peter Navarro Goes to Prison

Peter Navarro Goes to Prison

( – Former Trump administration official Peter Navarro has started a four-month sentence in federal prison this past week for refusing to cooperate with a Congressional investigation into the Capitol Hill riots of January 6, 2021. Navarro said he could not cooperate because he was bound by executive privilege, but the court did not accept the argument because he could not prove that former President Trump had invoked that privilege. After his conviction for contempt of Congress, Navarro appealed to the Supreme Court, but it refused to intervene.

In a subsequent statement, Navarro noted that Justice Roberts clarified that the denial was “distinct” from his pending appeal on the merits of the case. The statement also claimed that the doctrine of executive privilege “will cease to function as an important safeguard for effective presidential decision-making” if his appeal fails.

Furthermore, Navarro accused the federal government of operating a “weaponized” justice system and said the “partisan nature” of his imprisonment should “chill the bones” of every US citizen.

Navarro’s attorney, Stanley Brand, called the case “historic” and said it would have implications for future White House aides. His client’s imprisonment follows his refusal to respond to a subpoena from the January 6 Congressional investigation committee, which referred the case to the Department of Justice recommending prosecution. His lawyers said it is the first time a senior Presidential adviser has been prosecuted after invoking executive privilege.

The former Trump aide will spend his jail term at a minimum security correctional facility in Miami, Florida, and before entering the prison, he continued to insist that his jailing was unjust and politically motivated. “When I walk in that prison today,” he claimed, “the justice system, such as it is, will have done a crippling blow to the constitutional separation of powers.”

Speaking on Rumble, Navarro declared that men and women of America had given their lives in defense of the Constitution, and his imprisonment was a “much smaller sacrifice.”

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