Pelosi Wants Netanyahu Out of Office

Pelosi Wants Netanyahu Out of Office

( – Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, should resign after accusing him of acting as an “obstacle” to peace.

She said on April 22 that Netanyahu has responded to the surprise Hamas attack against his country on October 7, 2023 terribly. Hamas militants killed or injured nearly 2,000 attendees of the Novi Festival. They were also seen beating and assaulting women during the attack. Hundreds of civilians were taken hostage, many of whom remain in captivity. Israel retaliated quickly, leading to widespread controversy due to the heavy Palestinian death toll that has evolved in recent months.

Pelosi said she supported Israel’s right to protect itself. However, she also said Nentanyahu’s response has been worse and accused him of standing in the way of a two-state solution. She noted the resignation of Major General Aharon Haliva and added that Nentanyahu should resign as well. Haliva served as the head of Israel’s military intelligence. He said the nation’s intelligence failed to detect the attack that day, allowing Hamas militants to go on an hours-long rampage before they were stopped.

Pelosi echoed the states of Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the senate majority leader, who demanded that new elections be held in Israel. Schumer accused Netanyahu of losing his way and prioritizing his political career over Israel’s best interests. Schumer believes the people also want a special election. Pelosi defended Schumer’s comments against criticism by calling them “an act of courage, an act of love for Israel.”

Both Democrats voted in support of a recent bill to send a $21 billion aid package to Israel. It was part of a $95 billion bill that also designated $61 billion to fund Ukraine’s war with Russia.

Netanyahu fired back at the US by saying that its universities have become overrun with “antisemitic mobs.” He pointed to recent attacks against Jewish students and anti-Israel propaganda spread on campuses as evidence. Netanyahu said it was very similar to what happened in German colleges ahead of World War II. He called for the American people and politicians to take a stand against it.

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