Over 100 Protesters Arrested at Columbia University

Over 100 Protesters Arrested at Columbia University

(RepublicanView.org) – New York City police officers arrested over 100 people after a pro-Palestinian protest turned into a riot at Columbia University.

The incident occurred during the night of April 30. School officials asked police to help clear Hamilton Hall and encampments around its lawn after declaring that protesters were trespassing and violating the school’s policies. Police arrested 109 people and reported three injuries.

At one point, police donning riot gear climbed through a window on Hamilton Hall using a ladder truck to disperse crowds that had overtaken the building. Several rioters broke windows and barricaded themselves inside the building the day before police arrived. Edward Caban, the NYPD’s commissioner, noted that entrances were blocked with furniture in an attempt to keep police out.

Officers then used flash bang devices to stop the occupants from potentially mounting resistance before regaining control of the building. Katy Hochul, New York’s Democratic governor, praised officers for their professionalism and fairness. She also noted that it could have been much worse.

Her statement comes in contrast to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) after she slammed NYPD police for responding to another recent pro-Palestinian riot at Columbia University. Cortez criticized the response as “horrific” and condemned the school for “mobiliz[ing]” the NYPD against students.

New York mayor Eric Adams praised police for remaining calm and organized while noting that there were no significant injuries. He also said that “there’s nothing peaceful about barricading buildings, destroying property or destroying security cameras.” He noted the demonstration stopped being peaceful and lawful after those actions were taken.

The school issued a shelter-in-place alert for students before the operation began. The school also locked its gates and only permitted students who lived on campus to enter.

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