Officials Reportedly Reveal New Information About Chinese Balloon

Intel Officials Reveal New Details About Chinese Balloon

( – New details have come to light about the Chinese spy balloon that flew across the US in 2023. NBC News reported that, according to multiple current officials and one former official, intelligence officials have determined that the device was able to communicate with the Chinese government by connecting through an internet service provider in the US.

The connection was strong enough for the balloon to send large amounts of data over short periods of time. The Biden administration attempted to covertly obtain a court order for more intelligence about the balloon while it was flying over the country. Details of the ruling have not been released.

The company owning the ISP network, which has not yet been named, claimed that allegations of the balloon using its network are false. That claim is based on data gathered during the company’s own internal investigation.

The Chinese government continues to claim that the device was a weather balloon that simply drifted into US airspace unintentionally. However, the Pentagon pushed back against this suggestion back in February 2023, expressing a belief that the balloon was a surveillance device.

Reports released in April indicated that the balloon managed to gather at least some intelligence, although it was reportedly considered to be of “limited additive value.” It allegedly flew above a nuclear missile site and two Air Force bases. Top military officials also said that it would have likely transmitted more sensitive information if it had not been shot down first. The information was being sent continuously as the balloon flew.

Reports have indicated that there was a self-destruct device built into the balloon that could be activated remotely. However, US officials also believe that some of the most sensitive ground sites were protected from the balloon’s surveillance. They also said that they have since taken precautions to protect US interests that may have been compromised during the balloon’s flight.

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