North Korea Announces Test of Attack Drone

North Korea Announces Test of Attack Drone

( – Officials in North Korea recently announced the successful test of a submersible nuclear attack drone.

Military officials said the test was conducted in response to joint exercises in the region between South Korea, Japan, and the US. North Korea’s officials called the exercise “provocative” and “frantic,” according to a statement. The test was conducted east of the North’s coast on an unspecified date.

The weapon was built to eradicate naval ports and ships. It’s among several long-range nuclear weapons that have recently been developed by North Korea. The announcement of the test was made just days after North Korea said its unification with the South would be impossible.

The North Korean military said the drone should serve as a deterrent to the military actions of the South and its allies, including the US. They also promised “catastrophic consequences” if they perceived any threat.

There have been talks of Russian President Vladimir Putin visiting the North. Kim Jon Un, North Korea’s authoritarian leader, is one of the heads-of-state who supports Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Both Russia and North Korea deny providing armaments to each other. However, US intelligence sources say otherwise. They believe North Korean munitions are currently being used in Ukraine.

The South Korean government has accused the North of violating international laws, and of destabilizing regional and global peace through the test.

Last week, the U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting to discuss the first ballistic missile test by North Korea in 2024. According to AP News, South Korea’s U.N. Ambassador Hwang Joonkook told reporters after the meeting that it was time for the Council to “break the silence” on increasing threats from the North.

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