Nikki Haley Blasts Trump Over RNC Endorsements

Nikki Haley Rips Trump Over RNC Endorsements

( – Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley lashed out at Donald Trump and accused him of trying to fire Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel to replace her with people closer to him. She said Trump is trying to “take” the party’s nomination by endorsing his campaign adviser Chris LaCivita, his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, and his former adviser Michael Whatley for committee top spots.

According to NBC News, Haley responded at an event to Trump’s proposal to make Whatley the chair, with Lara Trump as co-chair, and LaCivita as chief operating officer. The former South Carolina Governor, who is Trump’s last remaining competitor for the Republican nomination, said during on a different occasion that his choices prove he will “continue to take the party so that it does what he wants it to do.” Around the same time, she also spoke to Fox News, asking if people were just planning to let him “take over the party” and added that “We don’t have kings in this country.”

NBC News reported that Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung replied to the criticism, saying “Nikki Braindead Birdbrain Haley” is exhibiting increasing desperation in her attacks on the former President, and it’s clear that she knows she has no chance of winning the nomination.

The contest between Trump and Haley has gotten steadily more volatile in recent weeks, with Haley questioning Trump’s mental capacity, saying on TODAY that it has “diminished.” She called the former President “unhinged” and claimed he is increasingly “saying things that don’t make sense.”

Throughout the NBC interview, Ms. Haley continually addressed Americans’ lack of appetite for a rematch between Trump and Biden, saying America deserves better. However, during a more recent Townhall, she said that if she became president, she would likely pardon Trump. She suggested it would help the country come together and move forward.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll in January showed that 67% would prefer to cast their vote for new Presidential candidates in November. The same poll showed Trump leading Biden by 36% to 30%, with Robert Kennedy in third place on 8%. When asked if Biden should stand aside for another contender, 70% said yes, while 56% said the same about Trump. Eighteen percent stated they would not vote at all in a Trump-Biden rematch.

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