Nick Mavar, Previous “Deadliest Catch” Deckhand, Has Died

Nick Mavar, Previous "Deadliest Catch" Deckhand, Has Died

( – Nick Mavar, who previously served as a deckhand on the reality series “Deadliest Catch,” has died.

The 59-year-old’s death was confirmed by his wife, Julie Mavar, and his nephew, Jake Anderson. Anderson said that Mavar’s death was caused by a heart attack. He had been climbing a ladder at a boatyard in Naknek, the site of his operations. The heart attack, according to Anderson, caused him to fall down to a dry dock. Police later confirmed that Mavar died, but offered no further details.

Mavar’s exposure to the fishing industry began at a young age. His father, an immigrant from Croatia, was also a fisherman. Mavar’s father came to the US in 1959, five years before his son’s birth.

Mavar began his fishing ventures during the 1990s. The steep costs of purchasing permits from the government left him unable to buy a fully operational boat. He worked with a dilapidated vessel instead, forcing him to pull in his nets by hand. He also slept in the boat and used trash bags to keep himself dry as water seeped inside.

He would eventually earn enough money to purchase a boat from his father that had been named “Miss Colleen” after his sister. He then relocated to Alaska and continued his fishing operations there, working both for himself and other fishing companies.

Mavar was eventually scouted for the Discovery Channel’s hit television show “Deadliest Catch.” Mavar appeared on 98 episodes over the course of 16 years. He left the show in 2020 after his appendix burst during a filming expedition. A cancerous tumor was found while doctors were operating to remove it. During the show’s run, he also suffered a broken nose after a large hook was loosened and began swinging.

The show paid tribute to Mavar’s life on Instagram, saying that he was a “treasured member” of the team and expressing condolences for his family. Those closest to Mavar said he was known for his resilience after surviving cancer and a previous heart attack. They also said the fame he earned from the show didn’t mean much.

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