New Hampshire Issues Warning To DNC

New Hampshire Issues Warning To DNC

( – The Attorney General’s office in New Hampshire issued a cease-and-desist letter to the Democratic National Committee warning them to stop spreading misinformation about the state’s primary election.

John Formella, the state’s Republican attorney general, accused the party of violating New Hampshire’s laws against voter suppression. The DNC has been claiming that the state’s primary is “meaningless.”

The claim comes after the party decided that it will not award delegates based on the primary election that will be hosted in New Hampshire on January 23. They told supporters in South Carolina to host their elections for delegates on February 3 ahead of other national primaries. Doing so deprived New Hampshire of its decades-old first-place primaries. The party claimed it was necessary to address a lack of diversity in the state and Iowa. The Biden administration supported the move.

Most Democrats in New Hampshire joined Republican Secretary of State David Scanlan in opposing the move. The state government maintained its schedule in clear defiance of the party. The DNC referred to the election as a simple “event” and said that it will not base delegate proportions on its results.

In the letter, Formella noted that the decision was not made by the state and that it is not sufficient to render the votes meaningless. He also said that the “false, deceptive, and misleading” claims may influence several voters in the state to skip the election. That, according to Formella’s letter, violates the state’s voter suppression laws.

New Hampshire’s state law requires its primaries to be hosted before any other. Elections must be held at least seven days ahead of other states. Complying with the DNC would have required repealing the law. Fox News reported that the state is facing sanctions from the Democrats.

Donald Trump and President Biden continue to lead the polls for their respective parties in New Hampshire. However, Republican candidate Nikki Haley has been narrowing Trump’s lead among Republicans.

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