Melinda French Gates Leaving the Gates Foundation

Melinda French Gates Leaving the Gates Foundation

( – Melinda French Gates, businesswoman and former wife of tech mogul Bill Gates, announced her resignation on May 13 from the nonprofit organization she helped found nearly 25 years ago.

French Gates said in an X post that she will step down from her co-chair position with the Gates foundation on June 7. French Gates said the decision came after “careful thought and reflection” while noting that she didn’t come to it lightly. She also expressed confidence in the ability of CEO Mark Suzman to lead the organization.

She also heavily focused on gender equality in her announcement, saying that women are still disadvantaged and in need of “urgent support.” She then said that she’ll be donating $12.5 billion to the foundation’s work. The post promised details in the near future on how that money will be used.

French Gates has spent the past 20 years overseeing the foundation’s strategies and general direction. She also monitored the organization’s progress and collaborated with partners and investors to promote the ideas of equity globally. She also founded the nonprofit “Pivotal Ventures” in 2015 as a vehicle to promote far-left social ideologies in the United States.

Bill Gates sent a follow-up tweet thanking his ex-wife for her work with and “critical contributions” to the foundation. He also credited her with having a significant impact on equality across the world. He said he’ll remain committed to the organization’s goals before also expressing confidence in Suzman’s leadership.

The foundation has spent over two decades donating a total of $59 billion to causes for vaccines, gender equality, and education.

Bill and Melinda French Gates divorced in 2021 after a marriage that lasted 27 years. Initially, few details for the reasons behind the divorce were offered. Each simply claimed that they no longer believed they could “grow together as a couple.” However, Melinda later said she could no longer trust her husband, noting that her decision was caused by a series of factors rather than a single event.

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